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Piano Teacher | Composer

Thorsteinn Gunter is a piano teacher in Chico, California. If you're interested in taking lessons, you can sign up with Thorsteinn today and get started in less than a week. Thorsteinn ("Thor") works with all types of students, from ages 5 and up, and is one of the most patient and helpful teachers you will find.


If you're a beginner, Thorsteinn will start you off with the basics and fundamentals of piano playing (much like traditional piano lessons -- except he actually makes it fun :D ). You can rest assured that he will be patient with you and guide you in your training until you become completely proficient. And if you already play the piano and want to continue improving, he can help you with that too. 

Thor teaches both children and adults, so as long as you are five or older, you can sign up. Thor's students enjoy tremendous progress in their training, and they have opportunities to learn a variety of styles (classical, folk, pop, blues, modern, soundtracks, etc.). After you progress to a certain level, you will be guaranteed opportunities to perform at local piano recitals, which are held regularly. 

Thor's lessons are 30 minutes long, and they take place once a week. If you would like to have longer lessons, you can request 45-minute sessions, which can be arranged if there is room available in the schedule. 

In addition to teaching, Thor also writes his own music. He has composed and written close to a hundred of his own piano compositions, and he regularly provides live piano music in Chico. 

Dahlia E., Magalia, CA


Thorsteinn Gunter


Music Background

Areas of Focus:
Piano, piano pedagogy and music education 

Music theory, music history and appreciation
Piano composition 
Solo piano performances

The Music Connection
341 West Third Street Chico, California  

Thorsteinn studied music at the Ísafjörður Music Conservatory in Iceland (Tónlistarskóli Ísafjarðar) starting at age 8. He has since taken lessons in both piano and violin, studied piano in his teens, and played violin in the orchestra at Bidwell Junior High School as well as Pleasant Valley High School. He originally began experimenting with composition when he was 10, and by 16 he was composing his own pieces on the piano. 


Thorsteinn studied pedagogy (the art of teaching) in college at California State University, Chico, as well as English and linguistics. He has been teaching piano full-time at The Music Connection  (located in Chico) since 2017.  

“My son's progress has been remarkable... Thor is a wonderful teacher who has high expectations for his students' success."

Betsy A., Chico, CA

Piano Keys

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