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Private Piano Lessons

Thorsteinn Gunter offers private lessons to anyone age 5 or older. His curriculum includes all the components you would expect to find in a piano lesson (songs, note-reading, theory, scales, harmony, chords, song books, method books, etc.). His style includes structure and learning proper technique, but he also emphasizes creativity and musical expression. Some students have been training under Thorsteinn for years, starting at the Beginner level and progressing into the classics, and even into advanced-level pieces. Thorsteinn offers instruction in classical piano as well as modern and contemporary styles of music.

Thorsteinn is also a vendor for CORE, South Sutter Charter and Inspire School of the Arts in Chico. Students enrolled in any of these schools can take Thor's piano course as an elective, to be included in their regular school schedule. Parents can contact their child's school for more info, or contact Thor directly.   

Performance Opportunities

All students under Thorsteinn’s instruction have opportunities to perform in front of an audience. Piano recitals are organized at least twice a year, and students are given ample time (at least three months) to train and prepare for their performance. Most recitals feature anywhere between 15 and 20 performers, from ages five and up. These events tend to be extremely rewarding for students and, of course, very memorable for parents.  

Piano Composition Course

Thorsteinn offers composition lessons for anyone who is interested in learning to write their own music. Thorsteinn is a composer himself and regularly teaches composition to many of his students. It’s also quite common for composition students to perform their own work at recitals. Thorsteinn can also transcribe students’ compositions onto sheet music and have it professionally printed out.

Live Music

Thorsteinn offers live piano music at various venues. These performances usually feature his original compositions, and the music creates a nice, relaxing atmosphere. This can be great for restaurants, wine lounges, hotels, weddings, house concerts, and other similar venues. Thorsteinn is also available to perform at formal concerts for large audiences, including benefit concerts.

Teaching Style

Thorsteinn provides direct, focused, and individually-customized instruction that’s designed to help each student. He understands that every student is different, and as such he’s not afraid to modify his curriculum to fit the needs of each person who walks into his studio. He also believes that music is a powerful form of self-expression and creativity. He provides instruction in all musical styles, using a variety of material and methods in his curriculum. With Thorsteinn, students enjoy a patient and enthusiastic teacher, a safe and supportive learning environment, and a rewarding experience that includes professional-level training.

Thorsteinn also believes very strongly in the on-going research that has shown multiple benefits of taking music lessons. Here are just a few :)

  1. Improvement in performance at school (better grades, higher test scores).

  2. Improvement in memory, math skills, and spatial skills.

  3. Increase in confidence and self-esteem.

  4. Pathways to other music opportunities (learning another instrument, discovering additional talents, gaining performance experience, etc.).

  5. Proven therapeutic effects of music (stress relief, healing capabilities, relaxation and enjoyment).

  6. Increase in quality of life.

  7. Pathways to new avenues of art and self-expression, including a possible career in music, or as a great hobby.

  8. Opportunities to bond with new friends and collaborate with like-minded people.

My Approach

Lesson Info

Lessons take place once a week. After we set up a date and time for your weekly lessons, all you have to do is show up and you're good to go.

Lesson Fee

$120 per month

Lesson Location

The Music Connection

341 W. 3rd Street  Chico, California

Contact Thorsteinn

All messages receive a response within 24 hours.

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