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Film Soundtracks (Samples)
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"Terminal Glitch" (2015 film, Arcadian Entertainment)















A sci-fi drama about the future, in which a man is found to be a "glitch" among a population of sleep-induced humans. While he savors his few moments of freedom from the shackles of an inescapable society, he is finally caught by a spying "drobe". But will the government continue to allow his freedom, just because he is a glitch? Directed by independent filmmaker Joshua Siegel of Paradise, California.

"Terminal Glitch" opening scene - Thorsteinn Gunter
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"Life Can't Reset" (2015, Sentient BE Productions)

Life Can't Reset (Sample) - Thorsteinn Gunter
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A powerful and compelling Public Service Announcement about the dangers of drunk

driving. In a short but poignant message, Bay Area director Alex Le portrays two scenarios of the same young man (played by Chico-based actor Nathan Carter) who decides to go out on a night of drinking. When he calls his friend for a ride home, he gets home safe and no one is hurt. In the other, more tragic scenario, he is not as lucky. Neither is the young boy who gets hit by the drunk driver while riding a bicycle, and ends up dying in his mother's arms. Based on a true story. 

"Fly" (2012 film, Ulexite Films)

Sample from "Fly" - Thorsteinn Gunter
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In this unusual drama by director Shawn Dyer, a strange young man named "Paul" is a disturbed individual who thinks he can actually fly. In order to carry out his message to the world, he hands out flyers inviting people to come watch him fly off a cliff. In the midst of his deranged mission, a mysterious and enigmatic woman named "Jill" seems to be following his every move, claiming that she can "breathe underwater." Their insane proclamations lead them to a stand-off like no other when Paul seems determined to prove his remarkable ability to the world.


Tribute to Bernadette Rivier, 1955-2015

A tribute video I made for my mother, Bernadette, who passed away in 2015. 

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Mike and Nora's Antarctica Expedition, 2008. Photography by Nora Lewis.

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