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Have some pictures you want to put together? Looking to make a slideshow of a trip, a memorial, or a tribute to someone special? You can send me your photos and I'll be happy to make a slideshow for you, with my music in the background. You can even ask for the pictures to be in a specific order, or have specific texts and headings in any of the slides. 

Just fill in your info to the right and your message will be answered. Slideshows will be delivered via a Windows media file, and can easily be uploaded onto YouTube if you wish (you're also free to do that yourself if you have your own YouTube channel). 

Success! Message received.


Slideshow for retirement ceremony - Nora Lewis, nurse midwife

Tribute to Bernadette Rivier, 1955-2015


I charge a flat fee of $60 for a five-minute video, with my music in the background and your pictures in the slideshow (with fade-ins between the pictures). You can specify the sequence of the pictures, or I can arrange them myself. If you want a longer video (10 minutes or more, with two or more songs in the background) the price will be slightly higher. I can also post your video on YouTube for you, or you can do this yourself if you have a YouTube channel of your own. 

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