The Many Ways You Can Be Alone... And Still Be A Musician

As I've described in previous posts, many musicians (including myself) have had to adapt to different approaches and routines due to the restrictions from COVID-19 and the need to avoid gatherings. One of the many ways I've been spending time, aside from having put on several virtual concerts, is adding new sheet music to my website. I finished putting together new sheet music for two of my songs ("Search at Jan Mayen's Coast" and "Waking to the Rain") which are now up on my site, along with all the others.

I'm definitely hopeful about the vaccine finally being available to help alleviate the health crisis that has come with this pandemic, but I'm also being patient because there has been a huge surge of cases in Butte County (California), where I live. Given the seriousness of the situation, the weekly podcast I was doing with my colleague Melissa has been put on hold - the good news, however, is that this is going to give me time to revamp the videos. This means captions and intro music! :D

On top of all this, I'm amazed (and grateful) that throughout this entire process I've seen hardly any decline in my music teaching business. Using Zoom as a means of educating and learning is such a normal thing nowadays - especially with kids, since they do this with their school teachers regularly anyway - that they seem content with it as a temporary solution. About half of my students also meet me in person, with both of us wearing masks - and whereas this would seem strange about a year ago, this is so normal now that none of my students find this odd anymore.

I have to say this, too -- and I'm sure I've discussed before -- there's nothing quite like being in an in-person concert (or performing in one) and I know the day will come when we'll be able to do this again. The patience that we have will undoubtedly pay off.

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