Laughs and Local Connections: Update on my Music Podcast!

Nothing but Treble...

The most recent project that I've been working on (as if there aren't enough) is the music podcast that I launched back in August. So far I've had a fair amount of success with it, and my colleague that has joined me in this daring venture (Melissa Brown) seems to be enjoying it immensely. I think the most appealing aspect of doing these weekly podcasts is the simplicity of it: every week broadcast ourselves on YouTube Live, with no script in our hands, and basically just talk about music for a half an hour. The only preparation (besides setting up the equipment, which has only failed us a few times) is coming in with a different musical topic each week.

The purpose of this? You guessed it, to get more music students, and it has worked :) Mrs. Brown (a.k.a. "Missy,") also teaches piano at The Music Connection in Chico, so we are both benefitting from this. We've definitely intended to inject some humor into each podcast, and we've done eight so far. Whether or not the humor has been effective remains to be seen :D In any case, I've attached the video of our first broadcast below.

Ulterior Motives?

Why yes, there are! The main one is that I hope to get enough subscribers and viewers to our YouTube channel (which is called "Treble With Missy & Thor") so that some of these same subscribers and viewers will eventually be directed to my own music-related channel ("Thorsteinn Gunter"), thereby allowing my compositions to have more exposure. That being said, I find the term "ulterior motive" to be somewhat of a misnomer because I'm very open about sharing this agenda.

Regardless of how many subscribers we get (we now only have 45) I've been having so much fun with this because it's not something that requires a grueling amount of preparation or strenuous effort. In the mean time, I've added a new video to the music channel and thought I would share that one as well. More videos will be uploaded in the near future, so stay tuned!

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