Virtual Concert Moved to Aug. 29

Since I was able to put on several virtual concerts over the course of the spring and summer months (mostly during the initial COVID-19 lockdown in California) I've had the opportunity to make arrangements for the next show, which I originally planned for early August (the 9th) but this date has officially been postponed to Saturday, August 29th. This will allow for much-needed time to polish certain parts of the pieces I plan to perform. I've also kept myself very preoccupied with re-designing my YouTube channel, and adding more videos (which you can check out here). I added new sheet music as well, and all of this has stolen hours away from my practice time.

I definitely plan to perform the piece "Waking to the Rain" as well as several other old favorites, though nothing is set in stone yet. The time will be the usual (7:00pm) and anyone on my Facebook friends list will get a notification. With regard to the YouTube channel, the exciting part of this plan is that I'll not only be uploading more videos but music tutorials as well (and eventually covers) so that I can make the content more diversified. Some of these plans and other details will be covered at the concert too, so I hope to see you there! :)

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