COVID-19 Update

Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected musicians everywhere, especially those who are used to relying on live performances for their livelihood. I have several colleagues and friends who have taken to social media to share their music, which I will be doing soon as well. I get the sense, too, that many of the musicians in our community have been doing this merely just to keep people's spirits up, rather than just to try to make money to keep paying their bills.

Initially, I told myself that the music teaching business would be relatively safe, due to the fact that lessons usually involve only two people. The risks (and rapidity) of the virus, however, has changed this. The Music Connection (where I teach my lessons) has been closed until further notice, along with many other businesses in Chico. I think some teachers have been teaching their lessons at home, but most have been doing Skype lessons, or using other apps for remote lessons (WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom, etc.). The upside is that many students find this to work fairly well, so I'll be using this method with my students also.

With regard to live performances, I plan to do a few Facebook live videos of my work, just to keep people entertained. I've also thought about adding more downloadable files to my website, where people can buy my songs individually. I have nine on there already (and they've been on there forever) but it wouldn't hurt to add some new ones.

Based on my understanding of the most updated information (and I try my best to use the most accurate sources possible) it's hard to say how long it may be before it's safe to begin interacting with people face-to-face. For now, musicians have to adapt, just like everybody else. It's a new way of life, but I also think it's important to stress the fact that we will come out of this stronger. Not to mention that when it is safe to interact face-to-face again, we'll only appreciate it that much more. The other silver lining? I'll probably compose more. A lot more...


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