Dazzling Piano Recital!

The piano recital I put on last month was a tremendous success, which helped me to plan what to do (and even what to avoid) for the next recital, which I'll probably put on some time in May or April. The show in December was early in the month (the 6th) and it seemed just early enough for the students to shine and show their true talented colors right before setting off on their winter break. Seventeen students performed, and well over 50 people were in the audience. I rented out the floor space at Apollo Music and Arts this time, instead of the Chico Women's Club, because it was cheaper and it offered a more intimate atmosphere.

I can honestly say there's some kind of enjoyment in watching these kids perform, largely because I know I've been living vicariously through them. The first ten students were beginners and included a sibling of one of my students who played the violin (to my piano accompaniment), and several kids I got to do a duet with. The last six students were the advanced group, and I saved the last piece for a thirteen-year-old who played Rachmaninoff's

Prelude in C sharp minor -- an extremely difficult piece, and one that she performed spectacularly well. I was thrilled by the outcome of the entire show, and many of the parents were amazed at the skills the students have developed over the years. Needless to say, I celebrated afterwards with several other music teachers and colleagues :D

With all of this being said it seems like I'm longing to start counting down the days until the next recital. I've also been revamping my entire curriculum so that the pieces I select for my students will be even more level-appropriate, and so that I'll be able to offer more variety.

As far as future performances go, the solo piano performance happening in February is a definite go (February 22nd, at Wine Time Restaurant in Chico, starting at 7:00pm). There are rumors of two different people who want to have me put on a house concert in their homes, but dates have not been solidified. This information will, of course, be updated in due time.

In addition to changes to my curriculum I'm also taking on a few new students, partly as a result of the new year. Many other students took breaks over the holidays, which is normal, and now that January is here I'm hoping to dive in, full-speed ahead, and see how much I can accomplish by spring.

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