Fall Concerts (Oct. 2019 - Feb. 2020)

Recording Skills

I have several shows coming up and during at least one of them I may bring in a newly-made CD, mainly because I'm excited about a new recording approach. I did some more "trial and error" with ProTools (the recording software I use in my studio) and I discovered that I can record off the Silent System on my Yamaha C3X, allowing for a really crisp, clear sound. Either it's luck or my recording skills are subconsciously getting more and more refined. I'll give myself the benefit of the doubt and assume it's the latter :D

Fall Gigs

The event I'm attending in October is a ceremony that's being put on by the Baha'is of Chico and will take place on the 27th (a Sunday) where I'll be performing background music as well as two original compositions. One of my newest pieces, "Fields of Anemones", will be performed, which I have recorded and hope to upload onto YouTube as soon as I figure out some issues with the picture quality.

In November there's a show at Tender Loving Coffee, a great little café near downtown Chico, where I'll be playing at 8pm on the 2nd (a Saturday). I may have the new CDs by then, but either way I'll have the old ones as well. Shortly after that we have November 8th, the one-year anniversary of the Camp Fire, and I'll be performing at a memorial at Chico's downtown plaza (for roughly 20 minutes), and hopefully with local cellist Caleb Hermle.

On top of all this I'm also going to be helping out Mindy McPherson's violin students by playing in the background (yes, on the violin) for her Christmas concert on December 14th, and on February 22nd (a Saturday) I'm hoping to secure another show at Wine Time restaurant. The new CDs will definitely be ready by then ;) People can also click here to go to the SHOWDATES list for a more detailed and organized layout of these shows.

Well, no shortage of work for me (or, as many might say, no rest for the wicked!)

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