The Lost Enemy - published!

My first novel, The Lost Enemy, has been published, and you can now buy it by going to my Products Page. I'm hoping to eventually sell it on Amazon as well, and at a few other locations in Chico, where some bookstores and coffee shops are willing to sell books by local authors.

Since most of my work primarily involves music and teaching, anything I do that includes creative writing is usually just a hobby, or a project that I find myself doing on the side. This particular project, however, has been far bigger and more time-consuming than I initially anticipated. It was also somewhat of a success (depending on how one defines "success" when it comes to publishing a novel just for fun) as I've sold 16 copies and ended up having to order more prints.

I have to say, regardless of whether this literary experiment was a success or not, that the idea of blending poetry and prose together into one story was a thrilling and enjoyable experience in and of itself. In some ways I imagine a career as a writer to be slightly different, in the sense that I'd be confined by looming deadlines and a certain "expectation" from publishers, distributors, etc. Doing this as a hobby just made it that much more liberating, and I didn't feel the pressure of writing in a certain way or having to stay within certain "parameters". Sometimes this is the best way to approach a creative project.

In any case, they are here and ready to ship! You can also read more details about how the project evolved by visiting my blog.

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