Inspiring and Phenomenal...

Those are the words that came to mind after I watched Justin McKay's students perform at the Composition Recital on May 10th. The exciting part is that Composition Recitals are a regular event and not just a one-time thing. I was able to share one of my own compositions as well ("Footprints on Esterro's Sands") and Justin also played one of his originals.

So far only two of my students have written their own music and there's at least one who is interested in learning how. This definitely has me thinking about organizing a similar event in the future.

As far as the performances at the recital, one thing that really impressed me is that there were students as young as 12 years old who had not only composed their own work but had also written pieces for multiple instruments (piano, violin, cello, percussion). This is definitely part of the event that made the word "phenomenal" come to mind. The "inspiring" aspect was, among others, the idea that all young people have an enormous potential to be creative, often more so than they realize. I strongly question the notion behind the statement, "He/She just doesn't have that creative streak," because I believe it depends more on whether they're being raised to think with a creative frame of mind. The fact that many kids spend so much time on computers, social media, video games and other such activities may also, I'm guessing, put barriers on creative activities they could otherwise be doing.

Lots of food for thought, and lots of mulling-over of ideas for me in the coming weeks!


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