Spring Concert scheduled for March 9th

Okay, so March 9th is not quite the first day of spring, but it's close enough - that'll be the date of my Spring Concert and will take place at the Chico Women's Club (same location as my last concert, in September). I'm excited about the featured pieces because they've already been selected, and I'm going to be starting off with 'Stars at Crescent Lake,' a song I wrote for the August in Bloom album. I played it last year in February - you know, back when I was "wet behind the ears." Okay, maybe I'm still a little wet behind the ears, but you get the idea :D

Several guests musicians will be playing, which is always great for variety. Local musician Brenda Lockie-Knight plans to dazzle us with her harp-playing skills, and another piano composer, Amy Rieschick, plans to perform her work as well. And, after quite a bit of begging, Vincent Chambers wants to tackle the song "Vorsol" once more and sing it at the show.

My plan to have everything organized earlier than later is working out so far, since it's still two months away. The downbeat is 7pm, doors will be open to the public at 6:30. More details will be provided as they emerge (or any change in plans) and I'm hoping for a nice big bustling crowd :D

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