Update on the 9/15 show - 12 more days!

But who's counting? ;)

Needless to say I'm getting more and more excited as the date gets closer, while there is still plenty to do. I've changed the plans for the song order several times now, like I did just days before concert I did in February. The exciting part is that both Caleb Hermle and Mindy McPherson will be performing during the concert as well (Caleb plays cello, Mindy plays violin).

I feel far less nervous about this concert this time around, mainly because it's at the same location as the last one, so I have a pretty good idea what to expect: awesome acoustics and a perfect sized venue to seat around 100 people. I suspect that the only time I might become slightly anxious before playing a song is right before performing "Battle of the Ants," which is exceptionally difficult and has never been performed. So what will make up for this? The fact that I'll also be playing a Metallica cover with Caleb. Hey, you can't go wrong with that :D

Tickets for the show are being sold at The Music Connection in Chico, as we speak. Even in the midst of this "crunch time" that I'll be enduring

for the next twelve days, I am still going to try and get decent recordings made on a CD so that I can bring them to the venue, for fans to buy.

Whatever craziness is going on in your life, hope you are able to make it, and enjoy what I'm hoping will be an awesome show (and, of course, an after-party to follow, for those interested) so I hope to see you there! -TG

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