Apollo Academy of Music - NEW LOCATION!

Ever since The Wright Keys Academy, a music school in Chico, came under new ownership, a lot of exciting new developments have begun. The last time I spoke to the owner (Vince) he said the number of students had been expanding steadily. The original facilities were nice, but one of the goals of this endeavor was to secure a larger location and use it for a music conservatory, as well as a piano store. The original location of the piano store (Apollo Piano) was on Highway 32, a bit towards the outskirts as you start to venture towards Orland. As of recently, the store and the school have consolidated into one location, which is on 936 Mangrove Avenue and is now the official address of the school itself.

I have twenty-some odd students currently, and four of them signed up through the Academy, so obviously I've been able to work there and experience it first-hand. The last time I was in there they were still working on various developments (carpeting, hanging, re-doing stuff, etc.) and each time I walk in there it starts to look even nicer. Really exciting developments and prospects for the future, especially when it comes to the future of music education in our community.

Students have options, too, as they did at the old location. They can have their lessons once a week and pay monthly, or they can buy the lessons in "packages" and use their lessons whenever they wish. There is also a person who works at the location full-time who is considered the school's Manager, and just recently the pianos themselves have been moved to the sales floor for display - and ready to sell :D

I may get more students there in the near future, but this may have to take place after the summer months, as summers are a bit crazy when it comes to schedules. I will also be in Iceland and Greenland for three weeks in July (which, clearly, is a topic for another news post!)

Many updates to come on this exciting development!

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