She's home! (Yamaha C3X Grand Piano)

My recent purchase of a new piano was a long time coming, although I didn't think it would happen this soon. I've been using the Yamaha AG N2 hybrid for quite a while (which I still have) but I've kept my eye on the Yamaha C3X for close to a year, primarily because I was looking at options for acoustic recordings. All my recordings on the N2 have been digital, and the acquisition of the C3X is the first step towards recording acoustically.

I played this particular model quite a few times when I was at the Apollo Piano showroom in Chico. As far as getting my hands on this sooner than anticipated, it's mainly because it was apparently one of the few models left, and the only one left in the area was about to be shipped out from Orange County. I was told that if I wanted this particular instrument, I had to make a decision now. Yes, they really had to twist my arm ;)

There have been two adjustments/tunings since I bought it and there will be a third in a few weeks. The next step, of course, will be investing in the microphones and any other recording equipment I may need to start converting the room to an acoustic recording studio.

Needless to say, this is definitely one of the biggest purchases (and career decisions) I've made. We'll see how far it takes me :D

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