Performance of 'Lord of the Rings' medley in June

As some of you know I have been training under Mindy McPherson on the violin, and will be performing with a group of students/colleagues on June 2nd. I've played with this group before and it's definitely worth watching!

With regard to my violin lessons, I've thrived on the challenge of trying to master such a difficult instrument. I've begun learning how to play notes in 3rd position (and if you're a violinist, or a violin student, you're probably aware of what I'm talking about). This involves playing the notes higher up on any given string, making it necessary to press the fingers closer together to achieve the correct intonation. This is very difficult for any beginner, and just playing the notes in the standard "first position" is hard enough.

In any case, you'll get to hear me and a bunch of other students playing one catchy theme from the Lord of the Rings movies after another, along with a piano part. The admission is free, and details about a place and time will be uploaded soon.

Other than an ongoing desire to hone my violin skills so that I will actually be able to play this instrument in addition to my piano during one of my solo performances, there's another really good reason for putting in the time to train on this instrument: it's challenging, stimulating, and incredibly fun! ;)

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