Great turn out at Chico Women's Club

What a fun experience we had on Saturday! There were quite a few last-minute hang-ups and adjustments, just hours before the concert, but as soon as the show started it was all smooth sailing for the rest of the night. The timing, length and the monologues between songs all seemed to fall perfectly in place. Vincent Chambers opened with a very warm and succinct monologue before I came on stage, and when Caleb played the cello it added an incredibly nice touch that seemed to fit perfectly.

Since it was my first self-funded concert, I had questions previously about what to expect and about whether my nerves would linger throughout the entire show. To my delight, most of my nervousness subsided by the third song, and all I want to do now is put on more concerts.

A big 'thank you', of course, goes out to people who helped and supported. I told the audience I was looking at October for a future show, even though I'm still tempted to do my second concert sooner than that. What I do know for sure is that this is by no means my last.

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