3 Days to Showtime!

The solo piano concert I'm putting on at the Chico Women's Club is this Saturday, and despite lots of last-minute changes and adjustments it's starting to come together pretty smoothly. There will be 11 songs, with two of those songs featuring a cello, with me on the piano accompaniment. It's been a fun learning experience, and delightfully surprising to see how many people willingly stepped up to help.

If you come at around 6:30pm you'll be more likely to get better parking. There's a parking lot at the venue, but I imagine that some folks may end up parking along the streets, depending on how many people show. The show starts at 7pm, and as far as I know the MC ("Master of Ceremonies") is still on board.

Needless to say, my main focus has been to rehearse as much as possible, while I let a wonderfully-dedicated crew of helpers pull this together in time for the performance.

I'm also hoping that this will jump-start a series of future concerts, and I've already ball-parked the next one to be around September, or thereabouts. As far as a venue for the September show, it remains to be seen - I do know that I was pleased with the way my Yamaha N2 sounded in the Chico Women's Club the last time I played there.

As the date gets closer I look more and more forward to seeing everyone there, and my hope is to keep everyone captivated throughout the entire show... and no, there's not going to be a mosh pit, sorry ;)

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