Now that summer's here...

I've had more time (theoretically) to get the ball rolling on a number of things, since I opted not to teach the ESL summer session in Yuba City, AND a few of my private music students are on hiatus over the summer. I say "theoretically," of course, because basking in the freedom with friends and being lazy is sometimes tempting ;)

Nevertheless, I've still managed to get a few things done despite this....

1) Apollo Piano has officially bought The Wright Keys Academy! The signs haven't been changed yet, but there's going to be a dinner meeting soon with the owners and the teachers/staff at the school. They're putting me in charge of sheet music, which makes it even more exciting.

2) The album "August In Bloom" is progressing (slowly), but as luck would have it, it might just end up getting released in August. You know, as the name implies :D

3) I'll be meeting with one of the curriculum directors in Yuba City tomorrow to discuss integrating music into the ESL curriculum.

4) I landed a gig at a wedding in Chico, which will be some time in September. I'll be sure to provide details, although I'm pretty sure it's a private event. I'm going to be accompanying a couple of vocalists (one from New York) and I've spoken to one over the phone but have yet to speak to the other one. The best part is I get to play Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," which is one of my favorites!

I sometimes think I should have taken up juggling as a career - I seem to be pretty good at it. More updates to come!

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