Equipment Upgrade!

New equipment has been ordered!

A TASCAM DP-006 multi-track recorder (pictured), which will be used with the Yamaha N2. It will be arriving between 12/16 and 12/29, so the January 1st deadline for "August In Bloom" is pretty tight, and iffy, but assuming all goes well I could still have the album released in early January. The songs can still be recorded in the Yamaha hybdrid's internal memory, and then transferred to the TASCAM device as soon as it arrives.

So right now, here is the current plan:

1) Record the 10 tracks onto the new device as WAV files. 2) WAV files will be sent to a local sound engineer (recommended by one of the employees at The Music Connection) for improved digital quality. 3) The new WAV files will be copied onto a CD and sent to CDBaby and/or a company called Kunaki, a CD manufacturer, for added digital clean-up as well as manufacturing/shipping. 4) Album will be ready to buy from me (you can just come by and see me!) or you can buy it from my website, from Amazon, iTunes or directly from CDBaby. Again, I'm imagining that all these logistical and costly things I've lined up are going to take longer than the three-ish weeks that are remaining.

I could go ahead and record the tracks as-is, but I've chosen to invest a bunch of money into better equipment (and spending a LOT of time brain-picking wherever I can) because it's a worthy investment. I'm not going to not be picky about CD sound quality. Yes, I just used a double-negative and I'm not ashamed ;)

By the way, if you still want to hear a "raw" recording of the tracks by January 1st, you'll be able to. The packaged, "finished" product, the actual CD, is what will take a few extra weeks (I'm guessing) to actually manufacture and get on my website as well as several other connected sites. I have to say, networking with people around this town is going to end up being an enormous help. Will keep you posted :)

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