New piano album

A date has been set for the recording to begin on a new piano album, which is Tuesday, September 13th, 2016. No time frame has been estimated yet as to how long it will take to produce, but I plan to eventually have it sent to a company that will professionally clean it up, package it and distribute it. The songs used on the album have already been composed (many of them are songs I composed years ago) and they've been selected to fit somewhat of a "summer" theme (hence the name of the album, August In Bloom). Be sure to check back for updates, as well as recordings and samples/teasers of the songs.

I plan on still recording the Heart of Storms album again (this time on the Yamaha AvantGrande N2, a hybrid piano that I'm renting) but the remake of that album will be released after August In Bloom. I figure that it's time to give people something different, and include a few pieces they might not have heard before. I'm still figuring out the recording nuances and trying to find a way to make a crisp/clear sound when the songs are recorded from a hybrid model, but I'm going to find a way. More updates will be posted regularly.

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