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For a long time I used my business name, Arctic Melodies, as the primary contact through which fans could get a hold of my music, as well as updates and information about shows and recordings. Initially, Arctic Melodies was intended to be the name of an independent music label. After deciding to fade the business name out and use my own name instead as a way for people to access my music, I've been spending lots of quality time designing this new music site as the transition progresses. The old site will still be there but is to be used solely as a means to access information about the music label itself. ThorGunter.com will be the primary website that people can use to book concerts and buy my CD's.

So if it's your first time on the site, browse around! Remember to subsribe to my newsletter if you're interested in receiving new and updated information, first-hand, on new recordings, downloads, pictures, videos and showtimes.

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