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You can sign up for piano lessons today by using the form below. I offer both virtual lessons (Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc.) and in-person lessons. In-person lessons require the use of a mask, by both the teacher and the student, to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection. After submitting the form below, your message will be returned within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest! :) -Thor

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​​After submitting the form above, you will be contacted within 24 hours. We'll then set up a schedule, talk about your goals, and you're good to go - no hassle, no fuss.

Why take lessons from me?

Many reasons, of course! But to name just a few...


  • I design my lessons specifically to fit your goals. I like to cater my lessons to fit your needs, so that you can start working towards the goals that you've set. Whether it's mastering the classics, playing Christmas carols, brushing up on your jazz chords, or learning to play popular covers, I'll work with you to make sure you get what you want out of the lessons.  

  • You will have a teacher who is patient. I've taught students of all ages, all abilities, and from all musical backgrounds, so when it comes to ability levels I've seen everything. You'll be able to come to each lesson with the peace of mind in knowing that I am completely aware of your existing skills -- even if you've never touched a piano in your life.  

  • Learning an instrument can be life-changing. It's important to realize that tackling a discipline like piano is not just a once-a-week task. It involves daily practice, and a routine that becomes part of your life. Most musicians practice every day, and if you want to become a musician you have to practice like one. This, of course, will be the most exciting part of your new endeavor!

  • Did you know?                                                     


Learning to play music...

1.  Improves performance at school (better grades, higher test scores).

2. Improves memory, math skills, and spatial skills.

3. Boosts confidence and self-esteem.

4. Opens doors to other music opportunities (learning another instrument, discovering additional talents, gaining performance experience, etc.).

5. Allows you to explore therapeutic effects of music (stress relief, healing capabilities, relaxation and enjoyment).

6. Improves quality of life.

7. Creates new avenues of art and self-expression, including a possible career in music, or as a great hobby.

8. Creates opportunities to bond with new friends and collaborate with like-minded people.


  • I can teach your kids! Most of my under-18 students usually take their lessons with me at The Music Connection in Chico, California, which is a great place for kids to take lessons and even has a waiting area for parents. Recently, however, many are taking lessons with me virtually because of COVID-19. I have had students as young as 5, but I am willing to take on a student of any age. If they are under 5 it will obviously take longer, but I welcome the challenge and believe that children are full of hidden talents they don't even know they have.

Where do I go for the lessons?

Due do the ongoing pandemic, it is recommended that the lessons be taught virtually. I do offer in-person lessons as long as masks are worn throughout the duration of each lesson. The in-person lessons take place at The Music Connectionlocated on 973 East Avenue, in Chico. (You can visit their website here). The lessons take place once a week. After we set up a date and time for your weekly lessons, all you have to do is show up at the above-mentioned location and be ready to learn!


My current rate for teaching piano lessons is $120 per month. This works out to approximately $30 per lesson. Each lesson is a half-hour long. You can find more info about fees and other policies by downloading my Music Lesson Contract.

What if I've had no musical training?

Not a problem! I offer a Beginner Piano Course, which starts you off with the assumption that you've never had any lessons. The only requirement is that you have either a piano at home or, at the very least, a NICE full-sized keyboard or digital piano you can practice on. As long as you practice the assigned exercises and songs for a minimum of 30 minutes per day (and any other songs you want to learn) I personally guarantee that you will begin making progress. The Beginner Course also includes all the components that you would normally see in a traditional piano course (note-reading, fundamentals, scales, chords, exercises, a repertoire of easy-to-play songs, dynamics, tempo, interpretation, etc.).

The Piano Composition Course

I sometimes have students who want to start writing their own music. Teaching people how to compose has been one of the most enjoyable things I've ever tried. Some have dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter, others want to pursue a more solo approach and are interested in composing only for one instrument. You can sign up for this course whether you're a seasoned pianist, a beginner, or anywhere in between. The content and the pace of the course is a little bit more open-ended because it depends on the interests and goals of the student, but it includes many of the fundamentals and concepts of music composition (how to write a good melody, how to create catchy themes and motifs, developing a background, playing different chord progressions, understanding arpeggio styles and ostinato patterns, how to improvise, etc.). Most of all, it's a fun course to take - and fun to teach!

Music Lesson Contract (pdf)


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