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House Concerts

♫ It's that simple... 

Just fill out the form to the right, with information about where and when you want to have the concert, and I will contact you within 24 hours with a confirmation. 

♫ Treat your guests

House concerts are great for dinner parties, or any other kind of event, gathering or ceremony taking place in your home. Retirement parties, birthdays, honoring a promotion, memorials, etc., are all great for this kind of concert. 



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♫ What I charge and what you get...
















For on-going, live music (such as background music in a restaurant) the current rate is $50.00 per hour. My asking rate for a sit-down house concert, however, is a $300 flat fee. This may be excessive to some, so I am sometimes willing to negotiate if there are other circumstances involved, such as special causes, or benefit programs that involve donations and assistance to the community.    


What do you get out of a concert for $300? I recommend providing an audience of 40+ people, and you will get your own personal, private piano concert in your home, featuring all original compositions, including any personal anecdotes and stories behind the compositions. Your guests can also buy my CDs directly from me at a discounted price, get discounts on future tickets, and more, just for showing up.

Managed to get 40 guests to show up to your home? You can charge them $7.50 a head and you'll pay off that $300! Get even more folks to show up and you can charge them less.


♫ What I require for a house concert

If you don't already own a piano, I can bring a portable digital piano that works just fine. A real acoustic piano is ideal but I also know not everybody owns one ;) But if you do...

1.  The piano must be recently tuned.

2. All keys and the petals have to be working properly. 

3. It can be any brand, model or body type (Kawai, Yamaha, grand, upright, etc.)

4. I will agree to do out-of-town shows if my travel expenses are covered, in addition to the $300 fee. Travel expenses can include mileage, gas, housing (hotel) or other costs.

Click here for samples of Thorsteinn's music.

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