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The Lost Enemy (Thorsteinn's novel) 

Yes, I engage in creative writing as a hobby! You know, when I need a break from the keys :) You can buy my novel, The Lost Enemy, and have it shipped in 5-7 business days. 


The Lost Enemy  is a coming-of-age drama, which takes you on a journey with a young man, Eddie, who travels to his homeland in the hopes of seeking out a dark adversary from his past.

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The Lost Enemy by Thorsteinn Gunter

The Lost Enemy is a novel written specifically for the music in Thorsteinn Gunter's "trilogy album": 

Into the Arctic, Ashes of Beerenberg, and Redemption.  The songs on these CD's are each based on the individual chapters of the story, and are each chronologically arranged to align with the story itself. The piano pieces from these three albums have already been composed, but the CD's have yet to be released. However, you can still get a copy of the novel and read the full story by clicking here.


Plot Summary

"Eddie" is a restless and troubled 16-year-old kid who lives in the Faroe Islands. He is constantly haunted by his memories of being tormented and bullied as a child, so he travels to Iceland to seek revenge against his childhood bully. The novel consists of 35 chapters (and the accompanying songs on the CD's to go with it) that chronicle his journey to Iceland, complete with the unexpected surprises and dramatic turns that the story takes throughout the piece. 


Eddie, protagonist / main character

Íngólfur, Eddie's father

Margret, Eddie's mother

Liliana, a love interest

Elise, Liliana's best friend / daughter of a Norwegian military officer

     and another love interest

Olafur, antagonist / villain / Eddie's childhood bully